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2 a 4 active chlorine

  • Product description:
      Sub sub type C9H8O3CINa
      [sub sub volume] 222.6
      [physical and chemical properties] 4 a 2 120. The crude product purity in the 85-95%, melting point 100-115 DEG C, slightly soluble in water, fusible in ethanol, acetone etc. can form the corresponding salt and alkali, usually made of sodium.
      4 a 2 chlorine powder for the red brown powder, there is a pungent odor of phenol. Easily soluble in water, the dry powder is easy to absorb moisture, but not bad.
      [toxic] according to the pesticide toxicity classification standard of our country, 2 a 4 sodium chloride is low toxic herbicide. Motoyaku Kataxiong rats with acute oral LD50 was 612 mg / kg, and the female rats were 962 mg / kg at the mouth of the LD50.
      [main use] 4 a 2 chloride as a selective herbicide for the acetic acid class. Its mode of action, selectivity, and so on, with 4, 2 drop in the same. But the play, role of speed is 2. 4 a drop D EC low and slow, and or the use of rice in cold area ratio of 2. 4 a drop of safety. grass
      Plant early childhood is very sensitive, 3-4 leaf stage after the resistance gradually increased, at the end of the strongest, to the young panicle differentiation period sensitivity and rise. It should be divided in the rice grass stage application. Suitable for rice, wheat and other crops in the prevention and control of the three shuttle grass, Monochoria, Chak, wild arrowhead and
      His broad leaved weeds.
      Annual output: 5000 tons