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2 a 4 ethylhexyl chloride

  • Product description:
      2 a 4 ethylhexyl chloride
      Appearance brown oily liquid
      Effective ester content is more than 95
      The water is less than or equal to 0.5%
      The free phenol (4-chloro-2-methylphenol) = 0.3%
      Specific gravity 1.15
      English alias: isooctyl ester 2,4-D
      No.: 25168-26-7 CAS
      EINECS number: 246-704-3
      Molecular formula: C16H22Cl2O3
      Molecular weight: 333.25
      Melting point: 12
      Boiling point: 396.9 degrees at C 760 mmHg
      Flash point: 48
    Product performance (purpose):
      The product is a kind of herbicide, which is made up of weed stem, leaf and root, which causes the plant meristem to be inhibited, the length of the plant is stopped, the secondary expansion leads to the swelling of the root and stem, and then the phloem is blocked.
    Poisoning first aid:
      1 possible poisoning symptoms: such as the use of protective methods recommended by the label, should not produce symptoms of human poisoning. Mild transient irritation to the eyes. Continuous or repeated exposure may cause skin irritation or even burns. If the skin burns, according to heat burn treatment.
      2 eye splash: rinse immediately with water for at least 15 minutes.
      3: eating a doctor immediately. Do not self induced vomiting. No special antidote. Symptomatic treatment by a doctor.
      4 skin dip: wash with water and soap.
      5 aspiration: transferred to the fresh air, such as symptoms persist, please consult a doctor.