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2 a 4 chloramine salt

  • Product description:
      Agroxone Phenoxy Acetic acid selectivity ceiling conduction hormone herbicide, dicotyledonous plants of conducting tissue destruction, growth and development are subject to interference, stem and leaf distortion and swelling at the base of the stem becomes coarse or cracking.
      Two a four chloride; 2- methyl -4-.
      English Name: Chipton; MCPA; 2-M-4-X; acetic acid 2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxy
      Chemical formula: CH3 (Cl) C6H3OCH2COOH
      Molecular weight: 200.45
      Properties: colorless crystal
      Melting point: about 120
      Vapor pressure: 2.3 * 10-5Pa (25 C)
      Density: 1.0214
      Solubility in water (25 DEG C) for 395mg/L PH=1, 26.2mg/L PH=5, 273.9mg/L (pH = 7). 320.1mg/L (pH = 9); soluble in methanol 775.6g/L, toluene 26.5g/L, ether 770g/L, xylene 49g/L, dichloromethane
      69.2g/L (25 degrees C), etc.. Very stable to acid.
    Pharmacodynamic data:
      Selective hormone type herbicide. The selectivity of the method is 2 and 4. But the effect of volatile, speed is 2, a drop of 4 butylate low and slow, so in the cold region than a drop of 2,4 security. Gramineous plants in seedling stage is very sensitive, 3 ~ 4
      Leaf stage resistance increases gradually, the strongest at the late tillering stage, to panicle initiation sensitivity and rising should, therefore, be in late tillering application. Suitable for rice, wheat and other crops control tri grass, Monochoria, Alisma, wild arrowhead and other broadleaf weeds.