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Industrial development of microbial herbicides

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  Yu Liuqing, a researcher at the Rice Research Institute of China, Zhejiang Province, the major science and technology projects of major science and technology special - microbial herbicide (g grass mold) solid fermentation and formulation processing technology research projects through the acceptance. Currently 1% G grass mildew spores powder production workshop has been in Zhejiang day agrochemical Co., Ltd. completed the preliminary means of Zhejiang Province has the first microbial herbicide products, and in the aspects of industrial development has taken an important step.
  Since the application of chemical herbicides in the world, it is still the main means of weed control, but with the passage of time, the drawbacks of the large area of chemical herbicides have become increasingly apparent. In this context, with high selectivity, no pollution to the environment and is not easy to produce resistance and other advantages of microbial herbicides by scientists of all countries attach great importance to foreign countries have successfully developed a number of microbial herbicides.
  China is one of the earliest countries in the world to start the application of plant pathogen development of microbial herbicides, China Rice Research Institute in the field of microbial herbicides, especially in the development of the industrialization of the industrialization of the development of the industry has accumulated a wealth of experience and results. In 2008, the Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Department of the solid fermentation and dosage form processing technology research in the province of science and technology in the province of major science and technology projects, the Chinese Rice Research Institute is responsible for the implementation.
  In three years, more than Liu Qing researchers led the project team for the production of low spore yield and weed control effect of the problem, the solid fermentation technology, dosage form processing technology, and made a series of innovative results. In the study of solid fermentation technology, the project team identified the pilot scale tray of solid fermentation of the best culture and process conditions, spore production reached 1.5 x 107 / g dry culture medium, than the previous increase of an order of magnitude. On this basis, they further determined the pilot scale bag solid fermentation of the best culture and process conditions, spore production reached 1.7 x 107 / g dry culture medium, so that the technology has the possibility of large-scale factory production.
  At the same time, the scientific research personnel in the processing technology of the processing technology has also made a breakthrough, the successful development of the spore suspension of the spore suspension and 1% grams of spore powder, completed the preparation of the toxicity test, launched in the field of national field efficacy trials, 1% grams of grass fungus spore powder in our country for the first time to prepare the scientific information. Based on. They also and Zhejiang day agrochemical Co., Ltd. established research collaborative research platform, further promote grams of grass mold industry, currently has initially built in 1% grams of grass mold spores powder production workshop.
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