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The development prospect of microbial herbicides is optimistic

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  At present, Yu Liuqing, a researcher at the Institute of rice research in China, Zhejiang Province, has undertaken major scientific and technological projects in province, the solid fermentation and formulation processing technology research project of the microbial herbicide. 1% grams of grass spores powder production workshop in Zhejiang has initially built a day agrochemical Co. ltd..
  Investment advisor in the chemical industry researcher Chang Yizhi pointed out that due to the extensive use of chemical pesticides, pesticide residues and soil environmental pollution caused by human impact is increasingly serious, therefore, the development of biological pesticides with a safe, non-toxic, non polluting environment, and so on, has become the development trend of pesticide industry. In the field of herbicides, microbial herbicides have the advantages of high selectivity, no pollution, and not easy to produce drug resistance, which has attracted much attention.
  The investment analysis and forecast report of China's pesticide market released by the investment advisor in 2011-2015 shows that since 1980s, the development of the use of microbial resources has become a hot spot in the research of weed control. Currently there are more than one commercial microbial herbicides, such as the United States Devine, Collegeo and Dr.Biosedge; Canada's BioMal; China's Lu Bao 1; Japan's Campelyo; Holland's Biochon and so on.
  Investment advisor research director Zhang Yanlin also pointed out that the shortcomings of the use of chemical pesticides are becoming more and more obvious, in the context of global environmental awareness and sustainable development of agricultural sustainable development needs to continue to enhance the background, research with high efficiency, environmental protection, harmless and other characteristics of microbial herbicides has a very important social significance, microbial herbicides to achieve industrial development prospects are more optimistic.
  According to the relevant data show that with the agricultural planting structure, business model and the change of agricultural cultivation methods, China's demand for herbicides. In recent years, the domestic chemical herbicide area of about 30 million mu per year, the rate of increase, the current national farmland chemical weed control area has reached more than 20, the annual use of herbicides effective components of more than 80 thousand tons. Thus, the potential market for microbial herbicides.
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