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Chemical industry: promising new materials and fine chemical industry

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  Overall capacity of the chemical industry overcapacity, growth is not clear, but the volatility of the larger cyclical stock characteristics, it is recommended that the main band based. In (1) the good macroeconomic conditions and liquidity and so on to the good. (2) the performance of the chemical industry is better when the price of oil and chemical products is rising. (3) Related Companies stock movements
  On chemistry, 21.10+0.221.05% ICBC 4.30+0.000.00% Dongcai technology 24.87-0.46-1.82% Yuntianhua 19.27-0.47-2.38%ST new material 9.95-0.42-4.05%) emergencies for chemical products affect larger, rationing, explosion, production, maintenance, earthquakes and other factors will affect the price of the product.
  In terms of the current situation, the European debt relief, domestic policy fine-tuning, underestimate the value of the chemical sector is expected to be valued repair. However, the downstream demand has not improved, and most chemical products prices fall, chemical companies have lowered the risk of profit. To maintain the industry standard rating.
  Cyclical stocks in various sub sectors we are optimistic about the upstream resources of phosphate rock and potash. MDI, nitrogen scenery bearing smooth, polyether boom remain cautious, soda ash overcapacity, trading opportunities, chlor alkali is unlikely.
  Growth stocks strategy: share enterprise growth, to buy at a reasonable valuation, share enterprise growth, can be long-term holders, or duplicates warehouse do band
  We are relatively optimistic about the growth of new materials and fine chemicals and other fields.
  The 12th Five Year Plan predicts that the output value of China's new materials industry in the next few years will reach 2 trillion, the compound growth rate of more than 25%. The new material planning for ST shares to benefit from the new material, its science and technology, Department of chemistry, on the sky. Fine chemical industry to benefit from the global industry transfer to developing countries, customized production model has become an important form of domestic enterprises to participate in international division of labor, the             United Technologies for the domestic production model of the beneficiaries of the beneficiaries.
  The most developed areas of fine chemical industry in North America, Western Europe, China, Japan, the size of its fine chemical production in the first four, China ranked fourth in 2009, 2005 has been ranked third. Total sales in the 4 regions accounted for 85.7% of global sales in 2010, down from 80% in 2005. Europe, which fell the most serious, from 33% to 25%,   North America from 28.2% to 27%, Japan fell to 12% from 13.5%.
  While China's share rose from 11% in 2005 to 16% in 2010, in other regions increased from 14.3% to 20%, the trend of industrial transfer is more obvious.
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